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customLayout is a simple extension of the basic layout function from R but it works not only with base and grid graphics systems, but also with PowerPoint slides using officer package.


customLayout is available on CRAN:

The development version can be installed from GitHub using devtools:


Basic functionality:

You can create layouts in the using the same syntax as in the base layout function:

But the main strength of this package is in combining created layouts with specific ratio:

You can create even more complicated layouts:

lay3 <- lay_new(matrix(1:2))
lay4 <- lay_bind_row(cl, lay3, heights = c(5, 2))

lay5 <- lay_bind_col(lay4, lay3, widths = c(5, 2))

PowerPoint support

Layouts created using customLayout package can be used to arrange elements on the PowerPoint slide. For the detailed description please refer to the vignette: